The Virtual Robotics League is a video game with single player levels and missions that teach advanced STEM concepts. Plus there's a global network for team competition, tournaments, and just plane fun.



Learning through Story and Adventure

The absolute key to learning is adventure. We proved it when we taught kids algebra of all things. 1) It gives kids a reason to use what they are learning. No more, "why do I have to learn this?". 2) Story sets a complex context that requires critical thinking that links the verbal and social side of the brain to the analytic functions.

STEM Curriculum

We have virtual environments that require the use and knowledge of physics, robotics, engineering, math, and coding. 

Team Competition

We've got team arenas that allow teams of up to 16 players each to compete in solving complex STEM challenges. Players can take on various roles depending on the objectives within the challenge. As the situation dynamically changes, players shift resources to defend or win.